Anan After School Sports develops initiative and enhances the leadership skills of students. Students can opt to have extended practice on a broad range of sports, like Tennis, Football, Cricket, Table tennis, Archery, Silambam and Athletics under the guidance of a qualified coach. The program increases the stamina and endurance of the child, besides imparting valuable skills at the highest competitive level.


Anan consists of well structured Tennis program for varied levels that are mapped on best practices to give young talent the finest and integrated, advanced-level training. Students are taught how to develop basic tennis skills and further upgrade themselves for competitions. Expert instructions from coaches and focussed practice will augment the natural flair of the child towards this popular sport.


Anan brings a refreshing new dimension to football coaching by offering an innovative and balanced curriculum that puts equal emphasis on both fitness and skills. Football helps instill the drive to excel in the student, eventually leading to competitiveness and success.


Anan provides aspiring cricketers standard training and best-in-class infrastructure to help them reach higher levels. The amount of training is assigned as per the skills and fitness level of the student and adequate measures are taken to ensure that the sport sustains the interest of the beginners. Being a part of a team gives children a sense of belonging and encourages them to focus on team spirit and sportsmanship.

Table Tennis

As it is a fast-paced sport, and requires quick reflex, it improves hand-eye coordination. The sport develops strategic thinking, emotional intelligence and self-confidence.


Archery is a sport of spirit and determination with unidirectional focus on your goal. Archery teaches children how to focus and keep calm in high pressure situations. Children learn to keep their attention on the goal despite internal and external distractions. The children develop mental strength, aerobic endurance, balance, coordination, self-confidence, agility and flexibility


Silambam is the mother of all Martial Arts. It is a very good form of martial art for self-defense. Practicing Silambam activates the left and right brain’s coordination. It increases concentration and self-confidence and develops good mental health and stability.


Athletics develops physical skill, endurance, and strength. Athletics builds mental strength to cope up with any situation given. It teaches you honesty, acceptance, sportsman spirit and teamwork. Being a student-athlete will make them feel like an all-rounder, thus increasing self-confidence and over all academic performance.


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