The focus of the academic structure at Anan is to equip each student to function with clarity and efficiency in the modern world.

The school offers a broad and balanced academic environment with scholastic, co-scholastic and non-scholastic activities, so that students can fully explore their talents and interests in their formative years.

Subject matter, concepts and skills are learnt through classroom teaching, teacher-designed learning material, audio-visual media, laboratory work and field trips.

Opportunities for the pursuit of individual interests are provided in the form of research projects and Anan Integrated Programme (AIP).

Students are encouraged to engage in exploration and discussion, and to think for themselves.

Evaluation is based on subject enrichment activities, classroom observations and written assignments; it is supplemented with periodic tests, as mandated by CBSE.

Students with specific difficulties in subject areas are supported through a programme of extra-help, named Individual Education Programme (IEP).

International examinations like Olympiads foster an urge to engage in healthy competition with peers and also to apply the concepts learnt.

Co-scholastic Activities

Arts and crafts, sports, drama and music are an integral part of the school programme.

School assemblies, Scouts and Guides, life-skill classes and counselling are some of the ways of helping students become more aware of the world and of themselves, think and reason deeply, and learn to share their thoughts with others.

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