Our Kindergarten program is meticulously designed to cater to the unique needs of each child, ensuring a tailored learning experience that suits their individual abilities. Our core objective revolves around fostering holistic development, equipping children with a diverse skill set essential for thriving in today’s modern world. This comprehensive approach encompasses nine critical domains: Physical and Gross Motor Skills, Fine Motor Skills, Sensory Perception, Self-Help Skills, Cognitive Development, Social Skills, Emotional Intelligence, and Spiritual Growth.

In our curriculum, we seamlessly integrate thematic elements into various subjects, such as language, science, cognitive development, social skills, music, art, drama, self-help skills, and sports. These themes serve as a unifying thread throughout the learning experience. We deliver these concepts through a diverse range of skill-based activities, engaging projects, hands-on experiments and appropriate teaching aids. Additionally, enriching field visits further enhance the practical application of concepts.

By embracing a theme-based approach, we ensure that our educational methods cater to the diverse learning styles and preferences of our students, thereby providing a well-rounded and inclusive education.

We firmly believe in the effectiveness of our dynamic Work Station teaching style, complemented by a unique assessment pattern. This approach ensures that each child, regardless of their learning level, actively engages in and derives meaning from every learning session, mitigating boredom and overwhelm.

In terms of assessment, we employ a rigorous scientific evaluation process and consistently provide parents with confidential reports. These reports offer a comprehensive overview of their child’s academic progress and valuable insights into areas that may benefit from improvement, along with potential adjustments to enhance the overall learning experience.

Our dedicated educators follow a continuous and comprehensive assessment method that adheres to a “plan-do-review” sequence. This involves meticulously planning educational strategies, executing them, and then reviewing the outcomes through assessments.

Furthermore, we believe in nurturing not only intellectual but also creative and physical abilities. To this end, we offer a wide array of extracurricular activities, including Western Dance, Classical Dance, Yoga, Vocal Music, and Keyboard lessons. These activities allow each child to explore their interests, cultivate talents, and gain confidence in a relaxed and supportive environment. This newfound confidence often proves invaluable as they embark on the journey of mastering new skills later in life.”

ANAN seamlessly weaves together the nine specific domains through our state-of-the-art exclusive labs. These labs have been meticulously designed and are fully equipped with a wealth of subject-specific resources and materials.

Our teaching and learning methodology is akin to a well-orchestrated symphony performed in a workstation-style setting. In this pedagogical approach, each individual receives personalized attention, fostering an environment conducive to optimal learning outcomes.



All the 9 specific domains are closely knit through our exclusive labs. The labs are fully equipped with subject rich content. A particular theme revolves around all the labs in different ways in order to cater to the needs of different types of learners. Teaching and Learning is carried forward in work station style where each individual is given attention.

Language Lab

Our dedicated language development lab plays a pivotal role in a child’s overall growth, focusing on language proficiency.

Here, we emphasize both receptive and expressive language skills through a diverse curriculum. Activities like recitation, narration, rhymes, phonics, letter identification, family words, sight words, blends, reading comprehension, pre-writing, and writing exercises are incorporated to enhance linguistic abilities.

We believe in a hands-on approach, utilizing activities, projects, and interactive flashcards to reinforce language skills effectively.

Moreover, in recognition of the multicultural world we inhabit, we extend our commitment beyond English alone. Concurrently, we introduce the Tamil language alongside English, ensuring that our young learners embark on a holistic language development journey, equipping them with the tools to navigate an increasingly diverse linguistic landscape.

Math Lab

In our pursuit of nurturing young minds, we employ a multifaceted approach that integrates various mathematical concepts in Math Lab, to engage and enhance children’s cognitive abilities, particularly in the realms of critical thinking, attention, and memory

Our curriculum extends across a spectrum of mathematical concepts, including numerical operations, number names, sequencing, identification of opposites, and the exploration of shapes, and many more.

Within this framework, we introduce students to a structured regimen of activities known as SMING (Sorting, Matching, Identification, Naming, and Generalisation) exercises. These activities serve as dynamic tools to not only reinforce mathematical understanding but also to assess each child’s capacity to grasp and apply these concepts effectively.

We ensure that each child’s mathematical journey is not just about rote learning but about nurturing a profound understanding of mathematical principles, thus equipping them with essential skills for a lifetime of learning

Science Lab

We embrace a monthly thematic approach within our Science lab, where each month is dedicated to a unique and comprehensive theme.

Within this thematic framework, we adapt a multifaceted approach to expose students to the theme. This immersive experience includes a diverse range of activities, meticulously designed projects, hands-on experiments, engaging video presentations and enlightening field visits

By weaving together this array of engaging avenues, we ensure that students receive a holistic and immersive understanding of the theme, fostering a deep appreciation for scientific concepts and their real-world applications. This approach not only enriches their academic knowledge but also ignites their curiosity and enthusiasm for the world of science.

Performing Arts

Performing arts encompass a rich tapestry of creative expressions, including music, drama, theatre, musical theatre, puppetry, action rhymes, and recitation. These vibrant forms of artistic expression are thoughtfully woven into the thematic fabric of each month.

Through active participation in these diverse activities, children undergo a holistic transformation. Their personalities are nurtured, stage fear is deftly dispelled, expressive abilities are honed, creative potential is ignited, and communication skills are significantly refined.

As an integral part of our commitment to fostering creativity and self-expression, we host a thrilling and much-anticipated “Theatre Fest” once every year. This event provides students with a platform to showcase their talents and share their artistic creations with a broader audience, promoting confidence and a profound appreciation for the performing arts.

Home Corner

This Lab serves as an invaluable space where children embark on enriching hands-on experiences, fostering their development through sensory engagement and self-help activities.

For children, learning through practice is fundamental, especially when it comes to sensory exploration. This formative stage is a critical period for building intricate neural connections within the brain’s pathways and nurturing essential problem-solving skills.

Our curriculum extends to self-help activities, which empower children to gain independence. These activities encompass practical skills such as buttoning, lacing, packing bags, and grooming themselves, complemented by the instillation of basic etiquettes.

By actively participating in these self-help tasks, children develop not only valuable life skills but also a sense of self-confidence, self-assurance, and self-reliance.

Creative Corner

Children embark on an imaginative journey where they absorb various fundamental concepts through a vibrant array of artistic expressions. This includes drawing, colouring, engaging in collage work, dabbing, and even free-spirited scribbling.

Art is not only a medium of creative expression but also a powerful vehicle for learning and honing critical skills. Through these creative endeavours, children grasp abstract ideas such as patterning and develop their critical thinking abilities.

In addition to the intellectual benefits, these artistic activities offer a physical dimension as well. Children’s finger muscles are exercised, promoting fine motor skills, while their participation actively contributes to enhanced brain development. This Lab thus serves as a dynamic space where both the artistic and cognitive aspects of a child’s development flourish in unison.

Multimedia Lab

Here, we introduce children to fundamental computer skills that serve as a stepping stone for their digital literacy journey. Here, young learners are immersed in a dynamic learning experience that incorporates audio-visual representations of thematic information, loading the educational process with interactivity and heightened engagement.

Along with computer skills, the children are also engaged with an interactive electronic learning kit called Leap Kit. Our educational toolkit comprises a range of devices carefully categorized for each class based on their developmental levels. These devices include the Leap Mat, Leap Pad, Leap Desk and Imagination Desk, each tailored to cater to the specific needs and capacities of our students.

They are designed to engage and challenge students, preparing them for the next crucial phases of their reading and learning journey.

These innovative approaches not only impart knowledge but also make the learning process more enjoyable, fostering a sense of excitement and curiosity among students as they explore the world of technology.


Dance Music Gym

In our specialized extracurricular lab, children actively participate in a diverse range of activities. These encompass vocal training, keyboard lessons, Western dance, yoga, and classical dance. Each day presents a unique opportunity for students to delve into a different activity, providing them with a valuable platform to explore their interests and acquire new skills.

Facilitating a nurturing environment where the child can cultivate self-assurance and self-belief in a tranquil and supportive setting can serve as a cornerstone for their future mastery of new skills.

Outdoor Area

Recognizing the pivotal role of physical fitness in a child’s holistic development, we are dedicated to nurturing their physical well-being through an extensive range of outdoor activities in our well-equipped play area.

Our outdoor play area features a diverse range of activities and equipment, including a Jungle Gym, obstacle courses, sand play zones, opportunities for mountaineering adventures, boating, splash pool activities, rain water shower  and a selection of soft toys to inspire imaginative play.

Moreover, our commitment to a holistic educational approach extends to the outdoors. We seamlessly integrate the monthly theme into our outdoor activities, ensuring that learning remains an integral part of playtime. This holistic approach fosters not only physical health but also cognitive and emotional development, promoting well-rounded growth for our young learners.

Sky Corner And Water Corner Labs

In Sky and Water Corner labs, children engage in practical experiments that revolve around the fascinating realms of air and water. These labs serve as an extension of our Science lab, providing a dedicated space for inquisitive minds to delve into these natural elements.

Here, children have the opportunity to actively experiment and explore various scientific concepts, gaining practical insights that enhance their understanding of the world around them. These engaging activities foster curiosity, critical thinking, and a deeper appreciation for the fundamental principles of science.

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The curriculum is crafted adapting different teaching methodologies pacing to cater to the diverse learning styles and abilities of each child.


It incorporates topics and activities that aligns with a child’s interest, encourages engagement and enthusiasm for learning.It is designed in such a way that the curriculum can be modified as the child progresses, ensuring they are always appropriately challenged.We encourage the children to embrace challenges, learn from mistakes, and believe in their capacity for growth and improvement.Overall the curriculum fosters a love for learning, supports each child’s unique journey, and empowers them to reach their full potential.


Assessments for Kindergarten children are ongoing and integrated into the curriculum. Comprehensive assessment involves evaluating various aspects of development of the child to gain a holistic understanding of their skills and needs.

This helps in understanding their behavior, social interactions, and participation in learning experiences as well.

Recognizing that each child is unique, assessments are tailored to the child’s needs and abilities.

Assessments are carried out in a supportive and child-friendly manner, with the goal of promoting their development and addressing any potential areas of concern.

An integrated learning approach involves teaching the same topic through various subjects.


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