Anan Activity Zone


Anan has created an integrated sports curriculum that suits the physiological profiles of children. Anan strongly believes that playing sports help teach honesty, teamwork and fair play. Students learn to follow rules and respecting teammates and opponents. Experiencing the role of a graceful winner and loser and competitions in general teaches students about self-respect, confidence and managing stress.


Yoga at Anan is a self-regulation skill, which is imparted to recover their self-esteem, confidence, restore their mental health, promote positive attitudes and improve their concentration.

It is part of a regular schedule and aims at reducing anxiety, tension and works on improving attention,memory and the physical well-being.

Martial Arts

Our dedicated team ensures that the students receive all the benefits of Martial Arts.

The benefits include increased strength, agility, awareness dedication, concentration, discipline and coordination.

It also involves intensive physical and mental training.


The game of chess is an excellent educational tool. Students who take up chess learn to analyze, plan and perform, both over the board and in real life. The children learn how to concentrate, how to think ahead, how to solve complex problems, and how to make difficult decisions — all valuable life skills

Scouts & Guide

Anan Scouts  and Guides is a vibrant program which contribute to the development of young minds in achieving their full physical , intellectual, social and spiritual potential as responsible citizens. Many activities are conducted to explore the hidden talent of the members. They have won several awards and accolades and are keen participants in annual camps and competitions.


Anan band is one of its kind, which steals the limelight during celebrations and other important functions. It is administrated and trained by professional band masters.


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