Anan Spectacular


Celebrations are another mode of learning and are an important custom at ANAN.

Students develop respect and open-mindedness for other cultures through these celebrations.

We observe Colour days for Anan KG warriors which makes for a set of vibrant days at Anan.

Each class holds a celebration and every student is given an opportunity to exhibit their talent through dance, music, drama, storytelling, etc.

Anan Expo

Anan will never miss a chance in creating an experiential learning platform for its students. Expos help children to motivate each other and develop ideas and projects which are unique and novel.

Anan hosts various expos in the school campus, which are enriched by the enthusiastic patronage of the parent community.

  • Science Expo
  • Math Expo
  • Art Expo
  • KG – Anan Expo

Anan Fest

We at Anan believe in all round development of our children. The Anan Fest, helps the students to overcome their inhibitions and encourage confidence and stage presence. Several literary, cultural and art activities are scheduled and incorporated into their curriculum in the form of competitions throughout the year.

Anan Theatre Fest

Theatre actively engages students in their learning; it excites them and they become more aware of real-life scenarios.

Anan Theatre Fest provides a safe learning space for children, often challenging perceptions and inspiring changes in attitude and behaviour.

By using drama as a learning tool, students are empowered to add purpose and value to their creativity. It lets them find their own unique ways to discover the answers for themselves, thereby improving self-esteem, motivation, and achievement.

Plays staged in English as well as regional languages deliver important messages that are easily understood and remembered.


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