Parent Collaboration

Friendship Day

Buddy Bash
An event where laughter echoed through the dance floor, families and friends came together to foster bonds. Amidst graffiti walls, games, and delicious food stalls, we painted a sky of friendship for both children and parents to cherish.

Grandparents' Day

The laughter of grandparents and the innocence of children intertwined as we celebrated the cherished bond between generations.

Grandparents and children took a delightful ramp walk, relishing songs from olden days.Amidst shared memories and olden day games, emotions soared high, creating a day filled with joy and connection.

Childrens' Day

Children’s Day, a day dedicated to celebrating the innocence, joy, and potential of our youngest members of society, was commemorated with great enthusiasm at our school. The school organized a vibrant and engaging celebration, filled with laughter, games, and heartwarming activities to make the day truly special for the students. The event was a resounding success, leaving a lasting impact on the hearts of students, teachers and the parents.


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