Our textbooks conform to the National Curriculum Framework and NCERT guidelines.

Our team comprises of prominent academicians, teachers and scholars who are passionately involved in conceptualizing the curricula and imparting the same through interactive methodology.

Periodical and Internal Assessments are done as per the CBSE guidelines.

The testing methodology is always challenging, exciting and intellectually stimulating.

Competitive exams like Olympiad is conducted, which aims to provide exposure and aptitude among students.

Positive recognition is a great incentive and motivation for the students to continue working hard.

Streams in Senior Secondary
Elective:1PhysicsEconomicsEconomics / Psychology
Elective:3Mathematics / Applied Mathematics / Informatics Practices*Mathematics / Applied Mathematics /Informatics Practices*Political Science / Mathematics / Applied Mathematics / Informatics Practices*
Elective:4Biology / Computer Science* / EntrepreneurshipBusiness Studies / Computer Science* / EntrepreneurshipBusiness Studies / Computer Science* / Entrepreneurship
Note: *Computer Science and Informatics Practices cannot be taken together.

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