Anan offers a plethora of club activities to enhance their knowledge and skills in diverse dimensions. Clubs offer important lifeskills that a learner can use for the rest of the life. The student learns how to be a team player, acquires leadership skills, can improve communication skills and interpersonal skills. There are so many ways that clubs can help build a learner into a well equipped citizen.

Anan Entrepreneurship Club

Anan Entrepreneurship Club gives opportunities to every child to explore different facets of being an entrepreneur, so as to foster entrepreneurial skills and embrace an entrepreneurship culture. The club plans to expose students to stories of successful entrepreneurs, start up ideas, basics of business etc.

Anan Astronomy Club

Anan Astronomy Club will enable children to enjoy and explore the vast expanse of space through intriguing activities like star gazing, space parties, learning space science concepts etc.

Anan Literary Club

To develop and hone the literary skills of students, Anan Literary Club aims to inspire students to nurture a taste for literature and explore the horizons of spoken and written language.

Anan Adventure Club

Anan Adventure Club brings together students who have a passion for outdoor activities and adventure, like trekking, rope-climbing, archery etc., which will help in shaping a wholesome personality.

Anan Photography Club

Anan Photography Club is a blend of people who wish to capture and create beauty. It aims to create the opportunity for every student to discover the artist within as well as to develop the fine skills of photography.

Anan Automobile Club

Anan Automobile Club attempts to enlighten students on the recent innovations in the automobile industry and to provide hands-on experience through a gamut of activities.

Anan Eco Club

Anan Eco Club aims to conserve natural resources and create awareness about biodiversity conservation, waste management, practicing the concept of 4 Rs, planting trees, maintenance of organic garden etc.

Anan Culinary Club

Culinary club is a vibrant place where passion meets creativity. With the aim of fostering culinary skills, cultural appreciation, and diverse flavours, students not only learn fundamental cooking techniques but are given an opportunity to explore the rich tapestry of cuisines.

Horse Riding


Qualified instructors impart training to the students to ride horses in the riding arena. It is a fun filled activity that builds self-confidence, knowledge and life skills.



The mission of the program is to provide students a place to pursue their interest in mechanical, electronic and software design by working on robotics project.


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