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Here’s how to have a fun-filled and fruitful academic year

New beginnings are always exciting. The same goes for the beginning of a new academic year. Here are a few tips on having a fun-filled and fruitful academic year.

Create a routine

First things first! Set a routine that works for you, and stick to it. An organized routine gives you a clear sense of what needs to be done and when. Besides being time-saving, it also eliminates boredom. Finally, a routine helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle with a set schedule for mealtimes, bedtime, study time, playtime, recreation, etc.

Plan your goals and objectives

Planning is a valuable thing but is often overlooked. The word “planning” might sound like a lot, but it’s nothing more than laying down the how-tos to your goals. For instance, let us say that you are in grade 12 and intend to pursue your college degree in a foreign country. So, list down what you need to do to achieve the required score to get into your desired university.

Have a monthly, weekly or daily planner. Track your productivity and achievements constantly. Doing so will help you reduce unnecessary stress and worry, making it easier to work towards your goal.

Design a study area   

“A place for everything and everything in its place” clubs it all. Having a dedicated study area with a comfortable chair and table is crucial. You may enjoy studying on your bed, couch or in the kitchen. But minutes later, these places start to serve their actual purpose. You may end up with a pleasant nap on your bed or couch, and the kitchen aroma may trigger your stomach to growl. So, stick to your organized study table.

Prioritize health

The topic may sound cliché, but a well-balanced diet and a good night’s sleep are the keys to healthy living and a fruitful academic year. It can be tempting to indulge in junk food and baked goodies. But these sorts of treats may hurt you in the long run. Pick your snacks smartly. Load up on nuts and fruits. Share the same with your friends.

Make friends

It’s okay if your old middle or elementary school friends are no longer with you in the new academic year. As we grow up, our interests can change, and our friends may not always share them – but that’s alright. Make friends with the newcomers. Your new friend may feel acquainted. So, talk to them, and make them feel at ease.

Go the extra mile

Don’t limit yourself to academic classes. Take part in other activities besides your studies. For example, join a soccer club, take swimming lessons, master a language, play an instrument, be a volunteer, or start a new job. Plenty of opportunities await you. Go seize them all!

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