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Here’s what you need to know about Humanities in Senior Secondary Streams!

There’s a lot of debate about which streams are the most important for students to take in senior secondary school, and the humanities stream is often overlooked. But there are many benefits to pursuing a humanities education in an international CBSE school, and it’s worth considering if it’s the right fit for your child. Here are just a few reasons why studying humanities is worthwhile.

Humanities: A quick look

Parents often doubt their kid’s choice to study humanities in high school. The reason is that very few are familiar with the stream and its benefits.

Humanities at the 10+2 level is an excellent opportunity to learn about cultures, languages, and traditions. The subjects seem easier to students as they’re more theoretical, which provides knowledge on how things work or why something happened in history according to its context rather than just giving facts without any deeper analysis.

A Sea of Scope

Students can choose subjects such as fine arts, political science, social science, commerce, philosophy, law, etc., enabling them to showcase creativity and responsibility towards society.

Students can make a career in the humanities as historians, heritage activists, geographers, economists, civil servants, archaeologists, teachers, psychologists, population scientists, political scientists, library managers, anthropologists, entrepreneurs, etc.

Benefits of the stream
    • Studying humanities helps students appreciate their cultural and social responsibilities. Therefore, enabling them to become responsible citizens.
    • Humanities contribute to the well-being of society by promoting social justice.
    • A better future for the next generation is possible through the humanities, which challenge the long-accepted social ideas and expressions.
    • It provides opportunities for students to explore foreign cultures and languages.
    • Taking a humanities course inspires creativity in students.
    • Students’ ability to understand and relate to others is improved when familiar with various cultures and religions.
    • A humanities education helps to sweep away the ill customs that have been stuck in society for a long time.
Bottom Line

Although misconceptions about humanities persist, pursuing a degree in the field can be incredibly rewarding. The skills learned in humanities classes- critical thinking, communication, and research- are essential for any career. With the right mindset and support from parents and teachers, students should feel confident in their decision to pursue a humanities degree.

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